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    Add: Houcheng, Jingang Town, Zhangjaigang, Jiangsu, China
    P.C.: 215631
    Contact: Mr. Wu
    Mobile: +86-18901568519
    Fax: +86-512-58289583

    About Us

    Zhangjiagang Shuanghe Dyeing and Weaving Co., Ltd. is a new type textile enterprise specialized in production of middle and high grade yarn-dyed fabric. It is located in Jingang town of Zhangjiagang, with Zhangjiagang tariff-free zone at north, Zhangjiagang downtown at east, Jiangyin at west. There is convenient transportation condition and superior geographical location. It is within 2 hours to Shanghai.
    Our company has powerful production innovation and research capacity.

    Main products: Shirt lining (cotton/brocade elasticity, cotton/silk blended poplin, cotton/polyester elasticity, full cotton poplin);
      Western-style suits and trousering (wool-polyester-viscose product, cotton/wool product);
      Bast fiber (cottonwarplinen, yarn-dyed fabric);
      Home textiles (full cotton yarn-dyed fabric beddings, sofa used cloth);

    Sales territory: Japan, America, Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan region
    Production capacity: 500,000m/month
    Product positioning: combination of new technology and fashion; constantly development of new type fiber and fabrics with special unction, such as, water absorption, waterproofing, anti-wrinkle, radiation protection, uvioresistant and memory
    Our company strictly control of product quality. And we make efforts to develop new product and expand marketing channel. In future, we would like to cooperate with wide colleagues. We expect to develop together with you.

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